Asus has been continuously trying to improve the user experience by providing some of the best networking devices and their related services like router setup, login password change, and firmware update, etc. The router reset can further be done through either of the two methods listed below.

Reset via the reset button – The easiest method of Asus router reset is through the reset button provided on its back. This reset button is placed is a pinhole. Just make sure that your Asus router is switched on and is stable. 
Push and hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds or till the LEDs goes off and on. This will erase all of the previously written data in the router’s memory. Once you are done with the reset, you will have to make all the changes and configuration on the router again.

Asus router reset via (interface reset)
Your Asus router can also be reset back to its factory settings through the router’s web interface accessed through the link

It is assumed that you already are connected to your router, just open the web browser and enter the web link and then authenticate the login page with a username and password.

Once the login window is successfully authorized with some default or custom login details, head towards the Router settings or Router Admin tab or simply router reset button (whatever the case may be) and click that tab.
Once you have clicked the reset tab, the router interface will again ask for your confirmation, you have to confirm again the router’s reset and once confirmed the whole Asus router reset process will be initiated and completed itself.

Key points- It is strongly recommended not to use the wireless connection when performing any of the router modifications as wireless connections are not as secure as wired connections are.

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