Updating the firmware of your Asus wireless router has been made easier with the introduction of Asus router application that can be downloaded and installed from any application stores and this application can be installed on any particular operating system or any smart device. 
Let us show you how you can update the firmware of your Asus wireless router by accessing the web interface through router.asus.com.
First and the foremost thing you have to do are have a firmware update file downloaded in your computer system.

This updated firmware file will be of .bin extension (in most of the cases). 

Assuming that you are connected to an active internet connection, open the support section of Asus at www.asus.com/support and click the support and downloads section.

Quote in your exact Asus router model number in the field where required, the portal will verify the entered information within a fraction of second and you will be ready to download anything for your router.
Users need to select the firmware file and check if the available firmware file is updated one or not. This can be confirmed by checking the existing firmware’s version number.

Download and save the updated firmware file in an easily accessible location of the PC and proceed on.

Again open the web browser and access the router’s web interface via router.asus.com or simply through the Asus router application.
Now, after logging in with the login details, select the Admin tab and then select the router firmware tab.

Once you have clicked the router firmware tab, you will be asked to locate, select and open the latest firmware file that you have downloaded earlier.
Locate and open the update file to start the firmware update process. This firmware update process needs to be completed properly and its progress can be seen in a progress bar.


The main thing to take care of is that the Asus router firmware update process should be interrupted in between its course as it can lead to the corruption of the whole of the router’s firmware and the router can be rendered useless.

Also, make sure that you have downloaded the firmware update file for the correct router model. In case you have downloaded and updated your router with the firmware of some other model firmware, your existing Asus router might malfunction or stop working completely.

How do we know that our Asus router’s firmware is pending for updates?

It is always advisable to check for your router’s firmware update on a regular basis through the Asus router application or through the router’s interface. 
Also, users can subscribe to the entire Asus router’s forums, communities, and pages, etc. from where each and every update will come into your notice.  

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