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Asus has been the leading brand in providing users with some of the best and highly reliable networking devices like routers, modems, and range repeaters, etc. Their networking hardware is easy to access and configure and use thereof. What is important here to know about all these Asus routers here is that they are very easy to access and set up. This is due to their user-friendly and customized web address of and the Asus router application that can be installed on either the smartphone or the desktop having any operating system.

Asus router setup

The preliminary setup of Asus router for the wireless network and internet connection is not much difficult and anyone with less or no prior networking experience can do so. Here is what you need to do, just follow the instructions mentioned below carefully.

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Primary steps for Asus router setup

  • Make sure that you have all the required components for setting up your router i.e. Ethernet cables, power supply adapters, Asus router and Asus router software CD (In most models).
  • Now, plug in your Asus router to the nearest and convenient power supply and switch it on. 
  • Connect your computer to the router with the help of an Ethernet cord in the LAN ports provided on the back panel of the router.
    Now, wait for a few seconds till all the LEDs on the indicator panel turns solid, when they are solid green and stable you can proceed on.
  • Open the web browser on your PC and enter the web address or and a login page will open asking to enter the Asus router login details which are “admin” and “admin” for username and password respectively.
  • Now, once you are into the Asus router’s web setup interface, click the “Go” tab to get to the next configuration page. You will be asked to first change the default login credentials that you have entered earlier.
  • Once, the new username and password are updated, the Asus router setup page will ask you to log int the device again with the new customized Asus router login details.
  • Select the “WAN” button and then select the “Advanced settings” tab in the router’s web interface.
    Select the WAN connection type as “automatic IP” in the field next to the WAN connection type and save the settings.
    In the end, you will be required to click the “save and apply settings” tab to make all the changes effective on the Asus router. Your Asus wireless router will reboot to newly updated configuration and all internet and networking tasks can now be performed through your Asus wireless router.

Asus router login via

This web link of is the customized web address provided by Asus to its users for the convenient and quick access to the Asus router login page and for configuration thereof. However, this is not the only weblink or even a link to get to the login page of the Asus wireless routers.

What if fails to load and displays an error message?

In most of the cases, this web address doesn’t give any trouble, however on the odd chances, even if it fails to load, users can try to log into their Asus wireless router’s setup page through its default IPs which can either be or

Is there any other way to access the Asus router setup interface other than or the default IPs?

Yes, there is still one method left through which the users can easily get to their Asus router’s web setup interface. This is the Asus router application. This Asus router application is available for both smartphones and computer devices. 
The Asus router application can be downloaded on almost all the operating system platforms like the Android, IOS or even the Windows operating system, etc.

Asus router login failure

Why my login to Asus router via is failing?

This issue usually doesn’t occur with any of the Asus routers, but still, if you tend to face this issue, here are some of the troubleshooting steps that can be followed to get this Asus router login failure issue resolved.

Read the solutions carefully.

If this issue persists for a longer time than usual, then try to access the router interface through its default IP or
Also, make sure to check the power supply of your Asus wireless router and see if all the power connections are proper and inspect the Asus router’s power adapter.

This router login failure issue can also be due to an outdated or incompatible web browser. The preferred web browser to be used for any of the router related jobs is Google chrome. Also, keep your Google chrome updated from time to time.
If you are using your Asus router for the first time, it is advisable to connect it to the computer system with the help of an Ethernet cord provided with the router. Check if the Ethernet cord is properly inserted into the designated ports of both the devices i.e. the computer and the router.


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